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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st year + Raised $5,276.50 = HUGE Success!

Words can not explain what occurred Saturday April, 10th in Seattle at 415 Westlake!

Bella Cupcake Couture had an AMAZING response to CupcakeCamp Seattle— nearly 1000 people showed up, 70 bakers with 5,000 cupcakes AND 3 incredible quick cupcake eating contestants; all to raise $5,276.50 for the Hope Heart Institute (and of course for the love of cupcakes).

For our first year we estimated maybe we would have about 300 people attending. We were blown away by the response and already planning to make it bigger and better.

It was such a huge response that we ran out of cupcakes almost 2 hours into the event. We saw people with plates full– even when we tried to plead to share with those waiting…we could tell people just did not want to give up their coveted petite sweets. We sadly had to turn several people away. Next year we will definitely have a better strategy in place to ensure everyone gets their own share of cupcakes.

Here are some recap photos below: For a complete view visit HERE Interested in purchasing photos? Please let me know.

Video of Cupcake Eating competition HERE

We are in the process of creating a blogpost of the Cupcake Competition with winners details and photos. Should be ready in the next day or two. Thank you again for your participation and support of CupcakeCamp Seattle and the Hope Heart Institute. We look forward to bringing you more sweetness in 2011!

Carrie Middlemis; Owner of Bella Cupcake Couture

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  1. Yeah, I was a little sad to see people being piggy, and asking for a box to take some home!
    Also, was disappointed to have to listen to the milkman's "spiel" just to get a carton of milk! We needed water pitchers or maybe even a expresso cart in there to help wash the yumminess down!
    HOWEVER, for a first event, it ROCKED!
    xoxoStephanie Larson "Gassy's Goodies"