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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Sweet visit to Martha Stewart

We recently were in New York and had an amazing tour of the Martha Stewart offices. We wanted to share a few highlights of the visit.

To start it off, we of course had to bring cupcakes with a bit of couture custom for Martha Stewart. We partnered with Magnolia Bakery to create this sweet 3-dozen cupcake offering.

Here I am in the lobby of the Martha Stewart offices.

For those of you who hadn't heard the news, about 2-3 months ago we received a call from Anthony Luscia, Special Projects Editor for Martha Stewart Weddings. Anthony was requesting custom wrappers for an upcoming Living magazine article. We were able to work with one of their preferred designers to create a one of a kind pattern. We wish we could show you but you'll just have to wait til it comes out later this year.

A view inside one of the four test kitchens. There is even one for Emeril Lagasse. There were several bakers and we spotted some fluffy white coconut cupcakes. We took a photo of them but then thought they may be for some upcoming issue and didn't want to ruin the element of surprise. But I have to say they looked oh-so-delicious!

Our two most fabulous tour guides (and cupcake tasters); Katie and Anthony.

Katie and Anthony showed us the display room with hundreds of different tables, chairs, vases etc for setting up a photo shoot. There were shoes and dresses galore. Rooms to do the photo shoots and so much more. It was very dreamy. And the sweetest moment was getting to walk by "The" Martha Stewart's office where we saw her newest Emmy. Congratulation Martha!

We had also hoped to meet Alexis Tirado from Martha Stewart's Dreamer's into Doer's program. She had selected us as a "Doer of the Week" last year. More details HERE. However her last day was the day before we arrived. See where Alexis went HERE (hint Alecia Keyes).

It was all an amazing experience and we feel so honored!


  1. I love these wrappers - they are so cute. So glad I am seeing them now more in East London - where I live.
    I love the cupcakes too. How do you get them so white white?

  2. So awesome! I'm jealous. I need to get featured on Martha somehow before I die! ;)

  3. Congratulations, Carrie! I am soooo jealous! Oh how I would love a tour there!!

  4. Congratulations! That sounds utterly AMAZING. And I have to say you're looking fab in these photos too. VERY chic...

  5. Nancy- Great to hear....feel free to ask for us by name (Bella Cupcake Couture) next time you're in a shop. We would love to work with more in London (my husband is from there).

    Tanya, Kim and Paola- Thanks ladies! It was truly dreamy and so much fun. All the folks there are terrific! I appreciate your sweetness.

  6. Carrie, you are such an inspiration! What a great ride Bella has turned out to be!

  7. Carrie!! I read about Alexis from Dreamers too!!

    Congrats!! Those cupcake looks stunning!! :)


  8. Thanks Ladies!

    Yes, Kat-- so much has changed from being laid-off a year ago. It has been a wild and fun adventure and I'm so happy the product I created makes so many people so very happy!

  9. Congratulations Carrie! It sounds so exciting to work with a designer to create a custom wrapper for Martha Stewart's Magazine. Let us know when the feature comes out so we can all have a peek!

    Miki {AKA Clara French}

  10. Congrats! That is so very cool! I love your wrappers!

  11. Thank you ladies for all your sweet comments. We found out that the article should be coming out in the Spring. :) We'll keep you updated.