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Friday, July 23, 2010

Jubilee Cupcakes Grand Re-Opening

Last night I had the privilege of going to the Grand Re-Opening of Jubilee Cupcakes and Vintage Candy shop (previously known as Sweet Things Cupcakes-- website hasn't changed yet). It is a little house with so much style tucked into the heart of Tacoma. It is a darling little area!

They gave it a sweet new look and some brand new cupcake flavors.

Their lemon cupcakes are delicious. I especially LOVE the one with meringue on top.

The bacon brushed with maple glaze on top was sinfully delicious and had bacon bits baked inside. You'll either love or hate this one though. It is definitely different. I enjoyed it but a few others didn't like the sweet and savory combo.

They have an assortment of picks to top your cupcakes.

And oh-my the candy selection was immense. Kids (of all ages) will have a great time in here.

They even have a great selection of Cakespy goods.

Here are four cupcakes I brought home. Starting top left and going clockwise, Red Velvet, The Elvis (PB and Banana), Salted Caramel, and Lemon. All definitely gave you Pure Jubilation from how fresh and flavorful they each were. You can tell the ingredients were carefully chosen.

While at the shop we also tried the Hummingbird, Vanilla and Bacon cupcake (again sorry I didn't make notes of the official names and ingredients). The Vanilla had wonderful bits from the bean pod and the Hummingbird was a crowd favorite.

And of course they sell Bella Cupcake Couture. Here are a few of their cupcakes in our stylish little wrappers. We are even giving you a sneak peek of our newest design in honor of this celebrations. Introducing Victoria, the "Celebrate" wrapper perfect for any occasion; birthday, bachelorette, and more. Adorned with various whimsical crowns which make you feel like royalty.

Side note: The owner Patti is an absolute sweetheart. She even gave us a great recommendation for a nearby restaurant called Pomodoro (try the meat sauce; cooked for over two days). While at dinner, we saw her and one of her employees stop by to deliver cupcakes for all the neighboring businesses. That is a neighbor I would love to have. Say hi to Patti when you're there!


  1. ops¡¡ congrat's Patti, it's look so cute¡

  2. Cupcakes look sooo yummy AND with Bella Cupcake Couture. win/win I Think I'm going to take a little trip in a bit ;)

  3. that cake is just perfect! i love the cupcakes too, everything is so cute!

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