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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Girl Cookies (and cupcakes)

As we near the end of 2010, this week our team is reflecting on some amazing cupcake shops we visited while we were in New York. The first is One Girl Cookies

We were first introduced to One Girl Cookies last spring when Martha Stewart Weddings requested us to customize a cupcake wrapper for their Spring 2011 Martha Stewart Living magazine issue. Coming soon!

This is not the cupcake wrapper that will be in the issue (apologies for the blurryness). We are leaving that a surprise. This one above was something we created for our visit to their office. We tested this one on One Girl Cookies cupcakes. See this post for details on our Martha Stewart visit: CLICK

During our visit we had hoped to meet the owner Dawn but she was out on errands. However her husband David was there and gave us a delightful tour of the location. Here’s your sneak peek inside.

When you first enter their shop, it feels like home. It has a warm ambience and you can instantly see the tribute to their family integrated into the decor.

In this seating area, they have an all natural surrounding with many pieces built or created by David or family members in some way. You can see their true commitment to creating a casual and comfortable gathering place for family and friends. Note: that window is actually a garage door that slides open to invite people in and out during the warm days.

Including this beautiful family tree wall drawing.

Each side prominently displays their family line.

Here is a peek inside their kitchen where all the magic happens.

Here is one of their cupcakes in our Lu Lu Gold/White Bella Cupcake Couture.

After our fabulous tour from David, he suggested a tasty little grill down the street for lunch. We were enjoying our meal when look who came walking by with her family…….Dawn!

It was so nice to meet Dawn. She was a true joy! We really appreciated her and David’s hospitality for our visit to New York. If you live there or going for a visit, it is definitely worth a trip over to Brooklyn to One Girl Cookies.

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  1. Just visiting you from the Gift Closet. LOVE your Cupcake Wrappers. Thanks so much. pamelashockley(AT)aol(DOT)com