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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Charming Little Wink

After much anticipation, Wink Cupcakes has finally opened their doors! And they were welcomed in true Seattle fashion – by light rain, friendly customers, and pink balloons. A few of us from Bella Cupcake Couture headed down to Seattle to get a glimpse, and a taste, of this new addition to the cupcake community.

While we were there we decided to do a cupcake tasting! A glorious invention, if I do say. Each of us picked out a flavor, divided it into thirds, and took time to enjoy the taste of each!

We picked out Lemon, Peanut Butter, and Red Velvet and it is hard to say which one we liked better! The Lemon flavor had a light, spongy taste with creamy frosting. Peanut Butter took me back to the days of savoring every last piece of candy from Halloween and was absolutely delicious. Red Velvet, with cream cheese frosting, was a classic with its rich taste and tangy frosting.

The owner Deanne and her friendly employees even were gracious enough to stop and take pictures with their yummy cupcakes!

Left to Right; Brooke, Tyler, Lisa and Deanne (owner of Wink)

As illustrated in the picture above, customers may not be able to help themselves! (Their window into the bakery area says “Please refrain from licking the window”)

Next time your there to do your own cupcake tasting, check out their display of Bella Cupcake Couture! Why not add a little style to your tasty cupcake from Wink? ;-)

Lastly, we just missed getting to visit with our friend and fellow cupcake-loving Seattlite, Jessie from So we thought we'd share her darling review HERE. She took her Wink cupcakes on a fabulous Seattle Tour.

Champagne cupcake from Wink Cupcakes
"Champagne cupcake, say hello to the Space Needle." Courtesy of Cakespy


  1. YES! I was delighted with my visit on day one of Wink Cupcakes' entry into the world of Seattle retail and am so happy to see that you had a great experience too!

  2. I love cupcake shops and yours looks really inviting and wonderful! Next time I'm in Seattle I'll be sure to sample one (or more) of your cupcakes!

  3. Cheryl- Yes, don't they have a darling shop? We are very lucky in the Seattle area to have so many great cupcakes. We actually sell our cupcake wrappers to many of the shops. You can visit our site at

    Cakespy- You offer the best Seattle tours. We want to go on the next one? ;)