Bella Cupcake Couture

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Breakfast Club

There is a trend sweeping the food world, and cupcakes are not immune to it. What is it? Bacon! There’s bacon flavored mayo, liquor, even bacon flavored envelope glue. Well, now even the dessert world has been hit with bacon flavored cupcakes.

We at Bella Cupcake Couture were curious. Would it be like maple syrup and bacon? Salty? Greasy? Or would it be the greatest food combination in history? We went to Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. to find out.

There they had just unveiled their new bacon cupcake, being touted as the new “it” Valentine’s Day gift for men. Its official name is pancakes and bacon. We were skeptical but oddly I had never been so excited to eat a cupcake in my life.

We hurried back to the office immediately running in the door, grabbing a knife and cutting the cupcake into thirds to share among the team. The first bite was interesting, soft moist cake with crunchy bits of bacon. I was so intrigued that I continued to eat it amidst the amount of mapley butter cream frosting on my face. Final verdict. Great, I loved it! I would definitely, probably eat one again.

Say it sweetly with a Bacon cupcake wrapped in Valentine’s Day couture and give your sweetheart something truly unique.

Speaking of bacon, check out Cakespy's artwork of cupcakes and bacon. Cocktails, cupcakes and bacon....that is my kind of party.


  1. I had one of the Pancakes n' Bacon the other day! I did a list of cupcake bakeries on City Search and Yellow Leaf scored major points with me. Saw your lovely cupcake wrappers in several stores as well. Also love how Yellow Leaf donates to great causes/foundations. Can't wait to visit them again.

  2. We were skeptical but oddly I had never been so excited to eat a cupcake in my life.

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  3. Joy- I know they are soooo delicious aren't they! I wish I had them for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) tomorrow.