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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Thanks to New York Cupcakes

New York Cupcakes, Bellevue, WA by boxofjack.
Big thanks to NY Cupcakes in Crossroads Mall of Bellevue, WA for contributing four beautifully decorated cupcakes for my homepage photo shoot. They looked terrific and their flavors are delicious!

My top three favorite cupcakes (so far) is the Candy Store Salted Caramel, Back in the Day Butterscotch and the cherry (a Valentines special flavor). There are still so many others I want to try; Madison Avenue Mint Chocolate Chip, Manhattan Margarita, Park Avenue Peanut Butter Cup Cake and a traditional Vanilla Bean Dream.

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  1. Carrie, thanks for the shout out to NY Cupcakes! I visit the Crossroads Mall several times a week, and I have never noticed them. I'll drop by and tell them I saw their cupcakes on your site. I'm not sure I can resist the Park Avenue Peanut Butter Cup Cake!