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Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Easy Tips to Throw An Amazing Bridal Shower

Today we have a special guest blogger post; Kimm M. We met Kim originally at the Seattle Cupcake Camp that Bella Cupcake Couture organized earlier this year. Kimm submitted cupcakes for the competition and we were wowed by her entry for "Most Unique Ingredient"; a Kimm-chi Cupcake. Very clever!

Here is Kimm's bio (below) and today she will share her insight into planning an amazing bridal shower.

My name is Kimm and I have a deep passion for baking and creating! I am the current Pastry Chef for Spitfire Restaurant and do my own dessert catering. I have been cooking and baking professionally for about 6 years. I have baked cupcakes at Seattle's first annual Cupcake Camp, started work at 2am to bake artistian bread, made thousands of petit fours, went to Florida for a National Pie Contest, help cater banquets for Microsoft employees, and baked batches, and batches, of cookies. My true passion for baking comes from people who enjoy what I bake and create.

How to Throw An Amazing Bridal Shower: 3 Easy Tips!

Blue skies, fresh flowers, white dresses, Seattle’s sunshine…that means wedding season! If you’re the lucky Maid of Honor, throwing a great bridal shower, can be easy, fun, and simple. Here are three easy steps to make your bridal shower a success:

1) Do not be afraid to ask for help! When I was planning my cousin’s, Lindsey, bridal shower, I gather other people’s strengths. My wonderful sister-in-law, Meghan, used her design skills to create extraordinary invitation using Lindsey’s wedding colors. My obsessively organized mother kept a detailed list of the rsvp’s and guest list. I planned the menu (of course!) and catered/hosted the event. Building a great team will insure many compliments on your shower.

2) Organize and WRITE down a schedule! Write (yes, pen and paper) down what you want to accomplish one month, one week, and three days before the shower. Make a clear checklist. Also, note the shower usually takes places 2-3 months before the wedding happens. Send out invitations approx. 2 months before the bridal shower happens to make sure many loved ones can make it!

3) Make the food E-Z! If you cannot cater the bridal shower you’re hosting…like I did, then hire someone to do it! Either order large party platters from a trusted grocery store or find someone! The caterer does not need to be a professional, maybe a close friend, co-workers, or family member with great and delicious cooking skills. Ask around! The food should be light and easy: think salads, fruit/crudités trays, and two-bite appetizers. Have three drink selections: wine, water, and juice (or another non-alcoholic beverage). And of course, the dessert can be made easy by simply baking (which I love to do) the brides favorite cupcakes (or if you prefer, buying from a local bakery). Then add a bit of Bella Cupcake Couture and voila, you have the piece de resistance for your table centerpiece. The bride and her guests will appreciate all the little touches.

Remember: A bridal shower should include the bride’s close friends and family. It should be her special party and be filled with great memories, food and love! Happy Baking! Kimm

For more "Sweetness" from Kim visit her blog at HERE

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