Bella Cupcake Couture

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ABC News in Utah- Orange Cupcakes and Couture

We are so proud to be featured on ABC News in Utah last week. Lyndsey Fagerlund Photographer whipped up some darling delights highlighting a sweet couples engagement photos as picks on top of cupcakes with our Bella Cupcake Couture wrappers around them.

Check out the recipe and details HERE

We were totally blown away by Lyndsey's love for our designs and making such a beautiful display. It is so cute how she REALLY wants to be on the Ellen Show too. Let's all cheer her on!


  1. I used these last weekend for my daughters wedding and they were darling!!! Her wedding was all yellow, black, white, silver and it was stunning. My friend Vicki from did an amazing job. Your cup cake holders were a hit!!!

  2. What did she use to mount the pictures? This is a darling idea!

    Nancy Schaub

  3. Oooh Scrappermom, we would love to see photos and post them on our blog for others to see. Feel free to share by emailing me at

    Nancy- She used double stick tape and toothpicks. You can click on the video to see it all. Have fun!

  4. These are gorgeous! Imagine a first birthday party highlighting each month of the birthday baby's little life! The possibilities are endless!

  5. Ooh that would be a very cute cupcake display for a first birthday. thanks Theresa for the sweet comments.

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