Bella Cupcake Couture

Friday, April 30, 2010

Cake Central Spotlight

We are so proud to be featured in the first issue of Cake Central magazine. AND we were on two pages. Look how pretty it was...see below. They did a fun activity of asking people to take a picture with their Cake Central magazine when they received it and to post it on their site. These were the photos of me. I was so excited!

Recently Jackie Shaffer was one of our judges at our CupcakeCamp Seattle.
She is pictured below with me and the other fabulous judges in the bottom row on the right side. She is an absolutely a sweetheart AND knows a bit of something about cakes!

From left to right; Top row: Jessie of Cakespy, Carrie of Bella Cupcake Couture. Bottom row: Keren of Frantic Foodie, Melody of CRAVE, Kelley of Kelley Moore Creative Media and Jackie Shaffer of


  1. Wow congrats it looks awsome! Love cupcake couture!!!

  2. congrats, you made lover cupcakes¡¡ so cute, so nice¡ regards from Barcelona-Spain

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet comments.

    Carmeta- Wonderful to hear from someone in Spain. My husband is English and I would love to visit Spain next time we are in Europe.

  4. Congratulations! I love your cupcake wrappers seen here on one of Clare French stands. Stunning and Fun!

  5. Congratulations on making in the Cake Central mag!


  6. Thank you so much! It's such a fabulous magazine...we're proud to be a part of it!

  7. J Wagner- I know Clara French stands are the BEST!!! Sooo beautiful! She lives in Seattle and we get to do events together frequently.