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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

mirror mirror
Paolo Thomas is the owner of this blog and runs 'mirrormirror'- an online lifestyle boutique dedicated to helping you live happily ever after.

Quote from their site: "We spend ages looking for irresistibly beautiful and original items of fabulous quality made with infinite care and love by up-and-coming designers and craftspeople."

And they chose Bella Cupcake Couture to highlight on their blog. Check out the story HERE.

I had a nice online chat with Paolo who is originally from the U.K. and living in Seattle. And my husband is from the U.K. as well and it is where we met back in 2001. Now we both live in Seattle area as well. What a small world!

If you are living in the U.K., you may have another place to order Bella Cupcake Couture soon HERE.

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