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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Austin Cupcake Meet up

This was my first ever "official" cupcake meet. And boy, what great fun it was! We met up on Tuesday July 7th at 3pm at Mozarts Coffee on their deck overlooking Lake Austin. It was a great place to meet and we had a nice intimate turn out.

In attendance was Nicole of Wicked Cakes, Lisa L. (food blogger of , Jennie C. (foodie blogger of, Rebecca D (cupcake taster) and myself (Carrie of Bella Cupcake Couture). After the quick round of introductions, we dived into the selection of cupcakes from Wicked Cakes.

Nicole of Wicked Cakes brought coconut, peanut butter with chocolate and red velvet. Unfortunately Laura of L's Cupcake Cafe was unable to attend as previously planned.

After a half hour of getting to know one another; Mozarts Coffee gave us the boot. Apparently no outside food was allowed to be brought onto their deck. Wish we knew before several of us bought coffees and teas.

Oh well, we moved a couple places down to the Hula Hut, who welcomed us with open arms. Now instead of coffee and tea, we sipped Sangria and Diet Cokes. Pretty fair trade I'd say!
Side note: After viewing Hula Huts website I read they also own Shady Grove -- my other favorite Austin restaurant and would you believe Krispy Kreme?!! Never would have guessed.

What was such a coincidence is when we went to sit down at our cute Tiki table, a couple at a table next to us said "Hey are you guys from the Twitter Cupcake Meet-up?". We said "yes" and then they said "we almost came over but we didn't have any cupcakes to bring along". So we quickly responded "no worries, here have some!" They seemed to really enjoy them and came over five minutes later to get Nicole of Wicked Cakes card to order some for her dads birthday in a couple weeks.

So being bumped from Mozarts Coffee over to Hula Hut ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Thank you to Nicole of Wicked Cakes for supplying all the delicious cupcakes (P.B. was my fav) and to all that attended. It was such a pleasure to meet you all!

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  1. That was a great break from my routine afternoon! And, that peanut butter cupcake was incredible.