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Monday, May 11, 2009

Calling all Fashionistas [catherinedemedici-771699.jpg]

exceptional-bubble-heels-from-2008-dior-cruise-collection_2_49 exceptional-bubble-heels-from-2008-dior-cruise-collection_49

Fashionistas can thank the Italian Catherine de Medici who in 1533 brought high heels into vogue for women. The legend goes that the young Florentine, bride to-be was nervous about her debut entry into the French courts. She needed to dazzle and shine. She needed the right shoes.

She wore heels made in Florence for her wedding, and as a result, Italian high heels became the norm for ladies of the Duke's court in France.

Boy, have high heels come a long way!

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  1. lovely! do you know who created those super-matthew-barney-like-heels?!